Jayesh chandrakant shah


He is born and brought up in Mumbai. He has completed his Bachelor's degree in Commerce from Mumbai University. He has also secured post-graduation degree of a Chartered Accountant. After being honoured with a CA degree, he has started his own Chartered Accountancy firm and caters to different clients in the space of Audit, Income Tax, Business Advisory service, structuring business operating models, etc. He is also a director in a company operating as a Stock Broker and DP-Member of The Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd and Central Depository Services Ltd. In his Professional Fraternity and career, he continues to maintain his astounding image through his remarkable & hard work contribution. Alongside this, he did maintain his balance in social life and obligation. He never left his social obligation and responsibility while building his professional career. He has been involved in many projects and initiatives that are undertaken for professional development, higher education, health care. His belief of “Health is the real Wealth” made him think so differently and inspired him to provide innovative solutions to the community from cure to precaution by launching various projects from hospitalization to regular health check-up. He continues to initiate similar projects to fulfil the values imbibed in his personal and professional life. He has various plans and strategies to achieve the same. Illustrative list are stated as below:

1. To garner higher education.

2. To motivate members to contribute/participate in the community in whichever form, may it be by sharing knowledge, sharing experience, introducing various schemes for the mutual benefit etc.

3. To have Healthy/Wealthy/educated SVDM families.

4. To develop an SVDM team for nurturing and mentoring aspiring students, to invest in START-UP businesses, to create digital awareness and to take the SVDM family to the next higher level. To make our MANDAL, an INSTITUTE which may eventually be able to generate employment, provide business/job opportunities, invest or make others invest into eligible START-UP businesses etc. This, he is intending to achieve, by participating in the Gen - X team lead by Dr Shirish Shah along with other team members having similar thoughts, philosophies, and values.

Jayesh chandrakant shah

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