Mayur manubhai shah

Member(co-opt kalol)

He is born and brought up in Mumbai. He has completed his Bachelaor's degree in Commerce from Mumbai University. He has also secured post-graduation degree of a Chartered Accountant. After being honored with a CA degree, he has been working with a professional firm (Chartered Accountant firm) in the space of Direct Taxes, International Tax, Business advisory, Business Model development for Multinationals as well as Indian conglomerate etc. Currently, he is a partner in a multinational Chartered Accountancy firm. He has been a speaker in various professional institutions such as Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Bombay Chartered Accountants Society, Business Chamber of Commerce, etc. He has been invited and participated in various TV Channels and shows to speak and provide his thought on various live issues on Income tax and other matters. He believes that growth of SVDM can be ensured by having self-sustained families. He firmly believes that it can be achieved by proper education, health and entrepreneurship. He was instrumental in designing various initiatives of SVDM to achieve that. He has various plans and strategies to achieve the same. Illustrative list are stated as below:

1. Motivating, encouraging and nurturing not only bright students but also weak students of the SVDM family for higher education.

2. Developing entrepreneurship among the young professional and students of our community. Further, increasing participation of professional and entrepreneurs by sharing knowledge, sharing experience, introducing various schemes for the mutual benefit, etc.

3. Increasing schemes for having healthy/ wealthy/educated SVDM families.

4. Developing an SVDM team that provides platform to nurture, guide, mentor aspiring students, develop entrepreneurial skills in them and invest in startup businesses, create digital awareness and take the SVDM family to the next higher level.

5. Developing a platform for updating on economic development and opportunities arising therefrom to support and facilitate development of business and young entrepreneurs.

6. To develop a SVDM family as an institute that is able to build a self-sustain family by generating employment, provide business / job / investment opportunities, etc. This he intends to achieve by participating in Gen - X team Lead by Dr. Shirish Shah along with other team members having similar thoughts, philosophies and values.

Mayur manubhai shah

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